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Most memorable Moose moment, June 1984 Just before dusk on a remote lake in Maine: sitting in a canoe near the outlet at the far end of  the lake.  In front of me in various spots from 15 feet to 100 feet away were eleven beautiful moose. There I was…. eleven moose! all within a hundred feet of me! It was a moment I’ll never forget!

MooseMan breaks the old record! “Back in 1984, I had located 11 moose at once…all within 100 feet of my canoe. That record stood for many years, once in 2006  I had 8 moose in front of me. But one night at dusk in 2009, I saw a bunch of moose feeding together on the opposite end of the pond from where I’d seen the 11 moose 25 years before….As I paddled closer, I began to count, I started getting excited when I got over 10 and as luck would have it, there were 12 moose all feeding together that evening. This was certainly a moose-watcher’s dream encounter.”


History & Camera Gear
Rick in the North Country
Words From The Moose Man
My journey into the world of moose photography started back in 1981. A life long friend of mine invited me on a trip to Maine to a wilderness lake. I went along with my little Kodak 110 camera.  I’ll never forget those first moose pictures I got back from the local film lab.  The moose were like little brown spots in the middle of the pictures.
Slowly, from then on I tried different photo equipment with some amount of success. But now, looking back: I know the gear wasn’t the important part, the passion that developed within me for just being out in the bush country with all the wildlife, but in particular with moose, was slowly but surely becoming a big part of who I am.
By the summer of 2003 it became very clear to me that I have found my true calling.
Simply said, it’s to be “in the company of moose.”
When I am out there in the wilderness with the moose and the other wildlife, I feel it deep inside of me.
It is what I am supposed to be doing.
 Rick taking pictures from a kayak
Rick Libbey, The MooseMan
This website is in loving memory of my friend Don Murdock, and I’d also like to thank my friends Chris Flagg, Andy Atsma, Dean Pariseau, and Rob Anderson. Most of my fondest memories of outdoor encounters were on trips with them. Also I’d like to express a special thanks to Heather Turner for making this website possible.
Photographic Equipment that I use:
-Nikon D5  DSLR Camera
-Nikon D810 Digital Cameras
-Nikon D500 DSLR DX Camera
-Nikon AF-S  600mm F4 VR lens
-Nikkor 300mm F2.8 EDIF AF-S VR lens
-Nikkor EDIF AF-S VR 70-200mm F2.8G
-Nikkor 50mm F1.4 and 50mm F1.8 Lenses
-AF-S Nikon 200-500mm F5.6E   ED VR lens
-AF-S Nikkor 80-400mm F4.5 G  VR lens
-AF-S Nikkor 24-120mm F4 G   VR lens
-AF-S Nikkor Micro 60mm  F2.8  lens
-Nikon TC17e Teleconverter (AF-S II version)
-Nikon TC14E Teleconverter (AF-1 for 300mm AF-S auto focus)
-Nikon TC20E Teleconverter (AF-S III version for 300mm AF-S)
I never use any protective filters on any of my glass.
-Gitzo G1325 MK2 Mountaineer Carbon Fiber Tripod legs w/Flat Plate
-Jobu Design Heavy Duty MKIII Gimbal Head
-Gitzo GM5541 Carbon Monopod
-Really Right Stuff Lens plates and clamps
-Kirk Replacement feet for 300mm & 500mm Nikons
-Lexor Pro 1000x CF cards
-Toshiba Exceria SDHC 95 writespeed SD cards
-Lenscoat Protection for 300mm, 500mm & 80-400mm
-Kinesis L311 + L511 Long Lens Cases (for big glass with bodies attached)
-Kinesis H250 Harness System (for hiking with big Nikkors + tripod on my back)
-Kinesis C580 Holster Bag, E530 Multi-Lens Pouch + E870 Lg. Lens Pouch
-Kinesis B308 Belt System
Although I now shoot in digital format; the mix of images  in my show booth is a combination of images from Fuji Velvia slide film and the Nikon digital cameras as well.
Accessory gear I also use:
-Native Watercraft Ultimate 12′ kayak in camo version
-Alpen Wings 10X 42 ED binos
-Burris 15-45 mm HD spotting scope
-Advantage Timber + Realtree Hardwoods Green Camo clothing
-Cabela’s Camoskin face masks and gloves
-Hunter’s Specialties Windicator (wouldn’t leave home without it)
-Midland GTX444 2-way radio
-Kwik Camo Wildlife Blind
My approach is quite unique. I choose to work from a kayak rather than be married to the tripod.  After years of working from a canoe, I finally figured it out.  I work from a monopod and use wind direction to increase my chance at success.  My love of moose and loons has evolved to a place of respect for them. By educating myself on their habits and tendencies I have found a way to work with them peaceably and I simply love it when I get the job done without disturbing them from feeding.
Moose at Sunset