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Framed Art
The MooseMan offers three options for hanging wall art.
#1 Handmade Barnwood: Sizes available  9x13….9x25…..16x25 outside dimensions.
Extremely popular and affordable yet attractive anywhere the art is hung.
#2 Handmade Birchbark: Two options….Brown Bark corners or Woodpile corners
Size is 12x14 outside dimension of frame  
#3 Metal Prints: Beautiful vibrant images printed on aluminum complete with Wall hanger attached to back of the piece… comes ready to hang. Different sizes available including panoramic and rectangular. Email or call for more details on sizes, prices, and ordering
MooseMan is also open to custom projects, and can also offer larger sizes easily…..
Just need to call and discuss details 603-735-5323
12 X 36 Panoramic Metal Print
11 X 17 Metal Print  9 x 13 Barnboard Example
12 X 14 Birch Examples
9 X 25 Barnwood Example 12 X 14 Browncorner Birch
The journey to “get it right” with my framing was long and careful.
The pieces are rustic, handmade and priced to be affordable.